The Presence of God In People Essay

The Presence of God In People Essay

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Becoming Intimate with the King

"When His people cry out to Him with pure hearts, when they sing joyfully about his goodness and grace, when they sit quietly and wait to hear from Him in the midst of their busy day, God shows up -Michael W. Smith (Worship 9)." While there are so many signs that the presence of God is in a place, it is sometimes easy to miss becoming intimate with him in that moment. How can a person become intimate with God in that moment? How can a person touch God? How can they usher in His presence in the first place? The answer to all of these questions is found in one place. Worship is the key to opening the floodgates of heaven, getting the attention of God, His presence coming down, and people becoming intimate with Him. While there are many times that God simply chooses to show up, worship is the way of calling for Him to come down and causing His presence to show up in a powerful way. People become intimate with the King through a process called worship (Elements 18-20).

Look at the story of Paul and Silas. When they were in prison, they began to worship God. They began to sing His praise. As this happened the presence of the Lord came down and met with them. As the presence settled on the jail, the weightiness of His presence cause an earthquake. This caused the prison doors to open. This shows how to become intimate with the king. It allows us to see an example of the power of the King. It shows us how and why to become intimate with Him (Acts 16:16-40).

There are many times that God simply shows up in a place. His glory just kind of fills the room and the sweet incense of his presence can be smelled because it is so strong. However, how can people help ensure that the presence of God shows up ...

... middle of paper ... was made to worship God. When man begins to worship God, His presence comes down to meet with man. In this moment man can choose to become vulnerable with God or not. If man chooses to become vulnerable with God, he is becoming intimate with God. When this occurs, fruit is produced. It is by this fruit that man is judged whether he has been intimate with the King or not.

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