Essay on How to Make an Effective Business Apology

Essay on How to Make an Effective Business Apology

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How to Make an Effective Business Apology

Whether it’s a missed deadline, a flawed product, or a billing error, somebody got injured, and even if the offending party is savvy enough to acknowledge the gaffe, there’s far more to an effective apology than just, “Whoops! Sorry.”

When your turn to beg pardon arrives, here are the five steps to follow in completing an effective apology:


This is your bad. Even if it was a representative or underling who blundered, accept responsibility personally. Your customer, client, or creditor trusted you, if not one-on-one then by extension. They took your company’s word that you were going to do what you said you were going to do. They put their faith in you, and they almost certainly made promises to their own ...

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...uest to gain back your trust, and when you have observed that all the bases mentioned above have been touched, don’t stew. Let it go, and move on. You have a job to do, and so long as the offending party hasn’t dodged or quibbled or scrimped in atoning, it’s in both your best interests to get back to work. To err is human, to apologize correctly is necessary, and to forgive is good business.

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