Film Ratings Should Not Substitute Parental Guidance Essay

Film Ratings Should Not Substitute Parental Guidance Essay

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I. Introduction - History of the rating system and the MPAA (parag.1-2)          

II. Thesis paragraph (3)

THESIS: By wearing a mask of deceiving helpfulness, the current system hijacks the role of the parent in choosing what is acceptable for our youth

III. Current process and definitions of ratings (4)

IV. The rating system is harmful to our children

A. Ratings do not accurately reflect harmful, frightening images (5)

B. The harmful effects of violence are inaccurately reflected in    ratings  (6)

C. The ratings board makes many assumptions regarding what is acceptable in terms of sexual situations (7)

V. Many parents realize it is flawed but accept it anyway (8)

VI. Money is the cause of the poor application of the rating system       

A. Filmmakers desire, and receive certain ratings to make more money  (9)

B.An appeal process is sometimes very lenient (10)      

C. Large studios are much more likely to receive favorable ratings  than smaller, independent filmmakers     (11)

VII. Need for a good rating system       (12)

        Wes Craven is a Hollywood director who works primarily with the horror genre.  The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) routinely gives his films R ratings because of their intense violence and gore.  While very few people would argue with these ratings, Craven is critical of the MPAA: "We of course do not have government censors-that would be totalitarian.  It would also be unnecessary.  What we do have is the MPAA.  The MPAA purportedly exists to save us from having government censorship.  It does that by . . . well, censoring us before the state does"  (10).  Censorship is an issue...

... middle of paper ...

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