Bioterrorism: The Medical Response and Treatment Essay examples

Bioterrorism: The Medical Response and Treatment Essay examples

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Bioterrorism is the terrorist act of manipulating natural components to sabotage an
enemy. It has been around for thousands of years, but in different forms. To take a case in point, the article, “History of Bioterrorism,” states that the Assyrians poisoned the well of their enemies with rye ergot in the 6th Century B.C. More recent examples of bioterrorism include the anthrax inhalation from received mail in 2001 (Office of The Surgeon General). Although these are only recorded acts, there is a whole other story to what should happen once a victim is diagnosed with any type of bioterrorism and what treatment they should undergo, if one exists. For example, the medical response and treatment are different for anthrax, smallpox and tularemia. The medical response and treatment depend on the severity of the case and the type of bioterrorism.

There are many factors that play into how a situation should be handled. For a start, the initial approach to a bioterrorist scene determines the outcome of the fatality of the situation. Also, the technique used to spread an infection is vital because it determines what method would be the best as a counter attack. For example, Robert Bourke states in his book Counter-Terrorism for Emergency Responders that, “vapor release from nerve or blister agents will
require greater isolation and downwind distances [versus] a liquid spill,” (338). Another
important factor to better the situation is distance and detection devices. First emergency
responders should keep their distance for their own safety; “detection devices . . . will help in
determining presence of agents and assigning isolation and evacuation distances,” (338). Bourke
notes that, “the best method of detection for fir...

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