Essay about Bad Table Manners

Essay about Bad Table Manners

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Bad Table Manners

The screeching sound of the utensils was scraping against the plate and the sound of the food in her mouth going squish, squish made me want to walk out of the restaurant. I didn’t allow my temper to get the best of me so I retained myself in my seat and sat there patiently for her to finish. Her name is Christine Amoco and she is my best friend. She’s tall, slender, pretty and has brunette hair. Although she is my best friend she irritates me with her poor table manners. Every time we go out to a restaurant we would be the center of attention. I don’t mean this in a positive way. Christine would open her mouth while chewing her food, bang plates and glasses around and next thing you know it we would have a crowd of people turning around to see what was all the commotion.

It was Saturday night on Christmas Eve of 2005 and we both decided to go to Smith and Wollensky’s for dinner. As we approached our destination, we walked in and the waiter seated us. As soon as we were seated, the first thing she did was took her gum out of her mouth and placed it on the nicely embroidered cotton napkins. When the waiter approached us I ordered a filet mignon medium rare with a side of creamed spinach and she ordered the rib eye steak rare with a side of creamed spinach as well. As our food was served to us I knew right there and then I were up for total embarrassment. As she shoveled a piece of steak into her mouth blood squirted at the corners of her mouth as she chomped on the meat. She didn’t bother to use the napkin to wipe off the mess and started for the creamed spinach.

As she scooped up a small amount of creamed spinach she mixed it in with her steak that was already being chewed in her mouth....

... middle of paper ...

...r passed away when she was two and her father raised her ever since. Her family never had a proper family dinner whereas knives, spoons, and forks were symmetrically lined on the table. Thanksgiving to her was always a take out situation and she was raised with siblings who have improper decorum. She was a tom boy throughout her life and always loved to climb trees, shoot squirrels with her sling shot and played cops and robbers with the boys. To top it off her husband is the same way. He also eats sloppily and has poor table manners as well. This doesn’t make the situation better. Although Christine has poor table manners, she is still my best friend and I love her with all my heart. I understand her poor table manners will be difficult for her to overcome but it’s something I have to put up with because she is my best friend and I have to love her for who she is.

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