Essay on WIN and Abortion

Essay on WIN and Abortion

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WIN and Abortion

It stands to reason that abortionists, as a whole, commit malpractice more often than doctors practicing legitimate medicine, because the industry is largely unregulated. Inspections of abortion facilities after a patient death typically reveal horrific health and safety violations. Patients are herded in and out and rarely are seen, much less examined, by the doctor before the abortion begins. The patient's medical history and any health problems that might influence treatment are known only to the extent the patient is able or willing to reveal this information on an intake form. Any M.D. can perform abortions; an ob/gyn specialty is not required. The impression is widespread, and probably accurate, that abortion is the last refuge of those graduating near the bottom of their med school class.

Ironically, the nature of abortion confers some undeserved protection from malpractice suits. The victims are reluctant to have their medical history made public record. They may feel that they "deserved" whatever medical problems resulted from the malpractice as p...

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