Essay on Racism, Racial Profiling and Segregation in America

Essay on Racism, Racial Profiling and Segregation in America

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"--we are all complicit and we all carry a certain responsibility for America's original sin: racism." -- David Bedrick

As I walked into the State University Student Center one morning, a disturbing sight immediately struck me. The sight that lay before my eyes was not only very disturbing but also very common at State University. Although the Supreme Court in 1954 in Brown vs. The Topeka Board of Education declared segregation illegal, our student center today probably looks the way diners looked sixty years ago. Blacks are sitting in a secluded section of the Student Center; while whites are sitting in their own self-designated section.

The segregation between blacks and whites in the State University Student Center is simply a natural occurrence between the two races. State University does not have guidelines on what section blacks and whites are supposed to sit in; nevertheless, blacks and whites naturally separate because of years of legal segregation. Segregation in our society has become a natural occurrence even though segregation is illegal today. The question that needs to be raised is "Why?" Why is de facto segregation still accepted in the United States? Why is a prominent city like Lexington still facing many of the problems it faced thirty years ago? The answers lie in our culture and our horrific history of white supremacy that is still present in our society. Some believe racism is just about the color of someone's skin. As a result, another term must be used to refer to the power and domination that white people have over minorities; therefore, in this paper I will use the term "white supremacy" as opposed to "racism." In the Constitution, in slavery, and even in our cities today, white supremacy has been...

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