The Contribution of African American Women Essays

The Contribution of African American Women Essays

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The Contribution of African American Women

I am not the first. I am not the first Black woman to attend a college or university. I am not the first Black woman to exercise her right to vote. I am not the first Black woman to dream, to be so hopeful for positive change that she sees possibilities in bleakness. I am not the first Black woman to know how it feels to be rejected instead of accepted, to be humiliated instead of acclaimed, to be passed over without lambs blood smeared on her door. I am not the first Black woman to experience America. I stand as a pair of footprints to be made in the sands of time. Before me lay the tracks of my predecessors; brilliant Black women who mastered the art of bending without caving. They battered down doors with fists of iron and wills b...

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