Essay about Government is a Myth

Essay about Government is a Myth

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Government is a Myth

What is the state? The state is a concept. There is no physical person or
object to which we can assign the label "government". Government is an idea.
The physical manifestation of this idea is the network of people and
institutions which enforce this idea upon the people.
The state is a myth. The myth goes something like, "because people are
incapable of making rational decisions, a small group of people must be given
control over the decisions of everyone else." It is self-contradictory, and
yet billions of people the world over have bought into this myth. It is
frighteningly reminiscent of the _doublethink_ of Orwell's 1984. Doublethink
means the holding of two contradictory external opinions with no internal
conflict between the two. A perfect example is, "If left alone, people will
not make rational decisions" [but] "A government can make rational decisions
for everyone". The reason these two thoughts never clash in the minds of
millions is because many people don't make the essential connection: that the
government is made ...

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