The Opening of Glass Menagerie Essay

The Opening of Glass Menagerie Essay

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The Opening of Glass Menagerie

The opening of Glass Menagerie is key in establishing themes,
relationships, dramatic conventions character symbolism and style.

The opening of the play ‘Glass Menagerie’ let the audience know about
various elements of the play such as themes, relationships, characters
and dramatic conventions.

This was done by detailed description of the setting and the narrator,
Tom informing the audience.

The main themes of the play could be found in the opening.

The fact that the play was about memory had been made clear in the
beginning with the line, “the scene is memory…” Once again confirmed
very clearly by Tom who said, “the play is memory.” The audience could
easily interpret that this play was Tom’s memory of his life with
Amanda and Laura in St Louis. At the end of the play the audience
found out that Tom could not erase the memory of leaving Laura. “Oh,
Laura, Laura I tried to leave you behind me but I am more faithful
than I intended to be.”

This theme of memory influenced Amanda also as the play progressed. It
became evident that she could not escape from her memories of living
in the “Blue Mountain” where she had a pleasurable and an abundant
life. Few minutes after the play began the audience already hears
Amanda babbling about it “I remember one Sunday afternoon in Blue
Mountain…” This happened throughout the play consistently. She would
talk about her life in the “Blue Mountain” whenever she got a chance
to. So it would be quite true to say that Amanda was living in her
memory, which caused her to deny the reality.

The idea of accepting the reality was also evident in the opening of
the play.

Tom spoke of gentleman caller who “is the most realis...

... middle of paper ...

...When she had
one finally, he turned out to be the greatest disappointment and left
her devastated in the end. So Amanda had to awkwardly sum the whole
incident up by saying “things have a way of turning out so badly,” and
blame it all on Tom.

The unusual dramatic conventions were set in the opening. The
narrator, Tom directly addressed the audience, “I am the narrator of
the play…” which was unusual. Also by using the screens to produce
appropriate images and music frequently, the play was made more
interesting and accessible to the audience.

The opening of the play was the key in establishing themes, characters
and their relationships and dramatic conventions as it revealed them
effectively to the audience.

So the audience could easily understand what was happening, guess what
would happen and receive the message that was meant to be delivered.

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