Essay on Characters in The Glass Menagerie

Essay on Characters in The Glass Menagerie

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Characters in The Glass Menagerie

Of the three main characters in Tennessee Williams’s ‘The Glass
Menagerie’ Amanda is set to appear as the most dominant and in
control. As the mother of the family unit the audience expects her to
hold some kind of responsibility over her children as well as
providing for them. The idea of the sense of duty she has for Tom and
Laura’s future still remains even when the audience discover that the
person financially supporting the Wingfields is actually Tom.

Amanda Wingfield is in many ways like most parents. She only wants
what she thinks is best for her children. In the ‘Glass Menagerie’
this can be a strength and a weakness. Amanda believes that gentlemen
callers will be chasing after Laura and she constantly reminds Laura
that she should be prepared. She blindly believes that these gentlemen
callers will arrive which is a strength because she tries to boost
Laura’s self confidence. The reality is that there are no gentlemen
callers. The weakness of the situation is that Amanda is living in a
dream world where she believes that h...

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