Essay on Fear in Journey's End by RC Sheriff

Essay on Fear in Journey's End by RC Sheriff

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Fear in Journey's End

The definition of ‘fear’ is a feeling of agitation and anxiety caused
by the presence or imminence of danger. ‘Fear’ is reflected by the
continual tension throughout the play. All the characters deal with
fear in their own different ways. This reflects their personality and
gives us an outline of how they really deal with the troubles, which
arise during their experiences in a dangerous surrounding, and also,
by dealing with the outcomes that they have to face in life. Stanhope
deals with pain and fear through expressing his anger and also by his
drinking habits. Hibbert deals with fear by trying to run away from
it. Osborne talks about unnecessary topics, such as rugby, to hide his
fears. Throughout the play, we see displacement tactics becoming one
of the main themes, because all the characters use diversion tactics
as their way of viewing things in an attempt, not to make the problem
seem so harsh. Raleigh is the odd one out, because he is the youngest
and is a new soldier, as he only joined the battalion at the beginning
of the play. He therefore does not yet know about the dangers in war
and living in the trenches. We therefore see no sense of fear in him,
as he is totally unaware of the situation he is getting himself into.
I am now going to explain the ways in which the characters in
Journey’s End interact and speak to each other, also through actions,
while dealing with fear.

Stanhope is one of the main characters that we see having to deal with
fear the most. He is the one who is struggling, as we see him
permanently stressed and worn out. As the company commander, he has to
deal with many problems that are forced upon him, until he becomes
troubled himself. These proble...

... middle of paper ...

...ghout the play, we see them mainly using
displacement tactics as their way of hiding from the truth. They try
as hard as possible to be in full denial of their surroundings. Such
as Hibbert, who went to the full extent of dealing with fear and found
that he could not cope it anymore and therefore tried to run away.
This shows signs of anxiousness in Hibbert. Stanhope is the main
character and the company commander, and therefore, I find that his
fears are more forceful and influential than the others. He therefore
becomes distressed and finds it hard to deal with his fears. In
Journey’s End the main fear in which all the characters agonize, is
the idea of war. This whole story is based around the horrors and
actions which take place during war, and we therefore get involved in
the scenery of war and become very familiar of what the characters
must feel.

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