When Marco First Appears, Miller Describes Him as a Square-built Essay

When Marco First Appears, Miller Describes Him as a Square-built Essay

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When Marco First Appears, Miller Describes Him as a Square-built
peasant of thirty-two, suspicious, tender and quiet voiced.In the
Light of Marco's Role in the Play, How Helpful Do You Find this
Introduction to Him?

When considering this question, it is necessary to somewhat challenge
it; to whom is Miller's description meant to be helpful? As "A View
From the Bridge" is a play, and therefore presented to an audience, we
must presume that the description's intended use is to instruct an
actor developing his character which is to be conveyed to an audience.

Marco's role becomes more important throughout the play. In fact, his
role assumes a certain duality. In one respect, he is the victim of
Eddie's betrayal; he declares:

"That one! [Eddie] He killed my children."

In another respect, he is employed by Miller as a tool in the finality
of Eddie's fate as his murderer. This increasing significance of
Marco's role is not at first glance anticipated by Miller's
introductory description as physically he appears to the audience as
rather solid and the simplicity of the physical description helps to
establish Marco as an initially somewhat simple character. However,
the instructions that refer to Marco's emotions are more complex;
"suspicious" and "tender"might appear contrasting, especially when
juxtaposed contextually. However, with a Sicilian male typical
attitude, they seem more compatible. Marco is reduced to tears at the
prospect of sending his family money, and later will commit the
arguably transgress act of murdering a man who had been his host, so
acute is his anger on behalf of his starving, dependent family:

"My wife- My wife- I want to send right away maybe twenty dollars."

Marco almost ...

... middle of paper ...

...ene is seen as a good man who is in charge
of his family, and Marco, a "simple" Sicilian, who just came to
America and was invited into the family by Eddie himself, is very
exciting for the audience. It is therefore obvious in this scene that
Marco is "suspicious" of Eddie. Furthermore, Marco's role as the tool
Miller uses for Eddie's downfall, could not occur if Marco was not

In conclusion, Miller's introductory description is only helpful to a
limited degree both because of the nature of the text (it is a play)
and because Marco will endure such great betrayals that they will
change his character and actions. However, Miller gives the audience
ideas about what sort of man Miller is describing, enabling the
audience to anticipate the contrasts he may be serving to accentuate,
such as the difference in attitudes between Rodolpho and Marco.

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