Media Violence Against Women Essay

Media Violence Against Women Essay

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Media Violence Against Women

    In the United States, as well as throughout the majority of the world, people are bombarded with information on a daily basis.  The majority of the information that it seen or heard is a direct result of someone  aiming the information at the masses.  Whether it is a company that would like us to buy it's product, or a newspaper that would have us believe a certain "fact" that they are reporting, someone has decided how the information will be presented.  This notion brings me to the issue of how our society perpetuates violence against women through the use of the media and television shows.  I would argue that, because we are socialized on a daily basis to believe certain ideas, this same process contributes to the violence aimed toward women.  This encompasses the concept that impressionable young men may remain unaware of the impact of this violence by the omission of certain facts from news articles.  It is also important to  see how the media contributes to the way in which the abused women see their role in the "creation" of this violence.  Furthermore, I would reason that these media outlets create a certain type of apathy in our society that has caused many people to either blame the victim, or just turn their heads and consider domestic violence a "family" problem, thus ignoring the legal ramifications altogether. This area must be understood in order to determine how the distortion of the ideas that are being expressed, through the use of television and magazines, are directly related to the societal values being represented.


    The first issue that I would like to analyze is how we as a society encourage violence against women.  Images flow into our homes everyday th...

... middle of paper ...

...ved from our own lives.  Only then can we decided whether these portrayals are in fact the truth, or just more rhetoric being feed to us from the patriarchal view point of modern media outlets.



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