The Theme of Justice in The Crucible Essay

The Theme of Justice in The Crucible Essay

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The Theme of Justice in The Crucible

The crucible was set in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. The play is
based on true facts about events that actually took place. It is about
a small secluded town that relies strongly on their religion to keep
them feeling safe. Their enemy is the devil and they are always scared
of the devil and constantly looking for signs that the devil is there.

“We cannot leap to witchcraft. They will howl me out of Salem for such
corruption in my house.”

The fear of the devil gets so strong the town’s justice system take
strong actions to keep everyone safe. The paradox between justice and
freedom is very unbalanced. The justice and courts are so strict none
of the Salem people have their own personal freedom.

Miller is questioning the fairness of the justice in Salem and that of
the justice system in the US in the 50’s at the time he wrote the
play. This is called an allegory. In the 50’s McCarthyism was the
suppression of communism. Anyone accused of being a communist would be
put into prison. Anyone who criticized the government was brought
before the court and asked to name people they had seen at communist
meetings. Arthur Miller did not agree with the system and wanted to
get his views across. If he wrote a play about Senator McCarthy and
his justice systems faults then he would have been arrested and the
play would not have been shown. He made the play about the witchcraft
in Salem to cover up his true meaning whilst being a polemic teaching
people of the corruption in the justice system.

The characters in Salem all represent people from the US in the 50’s.
The Judges represent the Senators. Miller makes them disliked by the
audience by showing the unfairness of thei...

... middle of paper ...

...itute in Boston”

To make people feel there is justice as Abby got what she deserved and
people finally saw through her and she revealed the truth to what she
really was.

Miller states that Paris was voted out of office. This was also what
happened to Senator McCarthy they both were causing injustice and in
the end were both expelled. This means that they have got their

The audience is most concerned if John gets his justice. He does
because the audience can all see that he is a good man and he becomes
a hero to anyone watching the play. The characters in the play don’t
celebrate him as a hero but from everyone watching he is praised. This
means his message of following your own sense of right and wrong is
received my hundreds of people. This is how John gets his justice and
how miller restores people’s faith in the goodness of humanity.

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