Creating Tension and Presenting the Themes in A View from the Bridge Essay

Creating Tension and Presenting the Themes in A View from the Bridge Essay

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Creating Tension and Presenting the Themes in A View from the Bridge

Miller uses the climax of act 1 to create tension for the audience
through the acting and the situation the characters are in, and to
present the key themes of the play to the audience. Firstly, he uses
dramatic irony to give the audience an insight into how the story is
going to end, which creates frustration and tension for them, as
although they can see how the story is developing, the characters
can’t, this ties in with the theme of a Greek tragedy where there is a
predestined conclusion. He uses the fact that in the 1950’s and
especially in dockside and urban households, masculinity and being the
‘man of the house’ was a huge part of family life. He combines this
with Eddies desire to control and obsession with authority, to put the
audience on a knife-edge, as to when one of the characters will lose
control and lash out. Miller also expands on the situation of
relationships in the play, both within the family, and outside. This
ties in with Eddie’s apparently incestuous feelings for Catherine, and
this creates suspense and tension throughout the audience, as they
don’t know what is going to happen about it. Stage Directions, play a
large part of ‘A View From The Bridge’, as they give it the final
touches which create tension for both the characters and the audience,
they help show what a character is feeling, which allows the audience
to empathize with the character, making it all the more believable and
therefore creating more tension as they want to know what will happen.
Alfieri’s monologue is also a main contributing factor to the tension,
which slowly builds throughout the entire scene. The audience share
Alfieri’s perspectiv...

... middle of paper ...

...the play, just over there to send money home,
but now it seems like he is taking an active part, and defending
Rodolfo against Eddies slanderous onslaught.

In conclusion, I feel that Arthur Miller creates tension in the climax
to Act 1 in “A View From The Bridge,” in many different ways. These
include the exploration and presentation of many of the key themes
that Miller has sewn throughout the play, comprising mainly of:
masculinity, incest, Greek tragedy, jealousy, pride and obsession. He
uses surprise, and a ‘factor of the unknown’ to keep the audience in
suspense as to when Eddie will lose control, but never in doubt to the
fact that he will. All in all Miller uses a variety of techniques and
themes to create tension for the audience and keep them in suspense
for the whole play, and successfully draws on this to build huge
climaxes at many points.

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