Essay on Eddie Carbone as the Tragic Hero of the Play

Essay on Eddie Carbone as the Tragic Hero of the Play

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Eddie Carbone as the Tragic Hero of the Play

“One who is neither villainous nor exceptionally virtuous, moving from
happiness to misery through some frailty or error in judgement.”

The above opening quotation is from Aristotle, which is his view of
what elements a tragic hero contains. This essay will investigate the
destiny of the main character Eddie Carbone also known as a tragic
hero, as illustrated by Arthur Miller in ‘A view from a Bridge’
against Aristotle’s view of a tragic hero. The play takes place in
Brooklyn in a working-class Italian-American neighbourhood which is
hooked by a social code.

Eddie Carbone a husband and supposedly father who raised an orphan
niece as a daughter due to a death bed promise. A longshoreman working
on the docks, working hard in life that was hard; on the other hand a
good man not intentionally trying to be mean, but the downfall to his
life faces him when his niece falls in love with one of the
immigrants, a young handsome man, which is hard for Eddie to cope as
his inner thought of his love for the niece is too much that he does
not admit but is persistently protective as he is obsessed with her
and is scared of anyone stealing her, in other words it shows his

Eddie seems to have an obsessive love for his niece Catherine which he
covers up and puts the situation across that he is responsible for
what she does; the truth is he doesn’t want her to be in the company
of other men or lose her to them:

“Katie, you are walkin’ wavy! I don’t like the looks they’re givin’
you in the candy store. And with them new high heels on the sidewalk –
clack, clack, clack…I promised your mother on her deathbed. I’m
responsible for you. You’re a baby, you don’t und...

... middle of paper ...

...sodes occur of Eddie trying to cope with his inner
violent reaction until he commits what his neighborhood consider the
most shameful of crimes. This is a feature of a tragic hero as they
always die in some way at the end. In this play Eddie dies by Marco
coming back for revenge but Eddie approaches Marco with a knife, since
Marco is strong, he turns Eddies arm and kills him with his own knife.
The importance of the knife still in Eddies possession shows that he
brought his own downfall, and the traces of his fingerprints are on
it, shows he committed it himself. The image created is he brought his
own death on himself, through his own error in judgment. Therefore
Eddie is a tragic hero as he is not intentionally evil, his weakness
of letting Catherine go causes him to suffer and move from happiness
to misery eventually a wrong decision to his own death.

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