Essay on Death Of A Salesman

Essay on Death Of A Salesman

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Death Of A Salesman

In Arthur Miller’s ’Death Of A Salesman’, Miller uses several
techniques to show attitudes to success held by the characters. There
are many indicators of success in this play which are, the ideas of
being wealthy, the performance on their job, to have power and status.
Some of the techniques he uses to show this are the use of motifs, the
American Dream, language, stage directions and also through sequence
in the past.

One of the motifs Miller uses to show the attitude of success is the
idea of being ‘well-liked’. This is mainly shown through the character
of Will Loman. Willy seems to think that if a person is ‘well-liked‘,
it will excuse anything and everyone opens up for him. Willy got this
philosophy from David Singleman, a salesman who was respected and
‘well-liked’ all over the country. In the opening sequence of the play
where the action is from the past, Biff had stolen a football from the
locker room and Willy’s reaction to this was, “Sure, he’s gotta
practise with a regulation ball doesn’t he?…Coach’ll probably
congratulate you on your initiative!” Willy transfers the idea of
being ‘well-liked’ to his sons, Biff and Happy. “That’s because he
likes you. If somebody else took that ball, there’d be an uproar.” It
seems as though Willy has created an illusion of being ‘well-liked’
that he can’t let go of. Also, in the opening sequence of the play,
Willy tells his sons, Biff and Happy that he will own a business one
day, but one that is bigger than Charley, because Charley not
‘well-liked’. “Bigger than Charley! Because Charley is not liked.
He’s liked, but not ‘well-liked’.” This illusion creates unlikely
images that he can create a bigger business. It seems as though Willy ...

... middle of paper ...

...s and the
formative influences which he carries from the past with the use of
structure. Also, in the opening sequence of the play, Biff says,
“Hap, I’ve had twenty or thirty different kinds of jobs since I left
home before the war, and it always turns out the same. I just realized
lately.” This conveys Biffs attitudes of how successful he thinks he
is, and how the past affects his thoughts towards it. It also makes
the audience aware of Biff’s past. It seems as though Biffs’ past
deeply affects him now and he seems as if he is not getting anywhere
in life. “ always turns out the same.” It also shows that he
unable to see the direction in which he wants to go to, and refuses to
live a lie and in dreams. Millers use of structure shows the attitudes
of success held, especially through Willy and Biff, and is conveyed
through the idea of past and present.

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