Essay on Consider the ways in which the Miller presents John the Carpenter in

Essay on Consider the ways in which the Miller presents John the Carpenter in

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Consider the ways in which the Miller presents John the Carpenter in
The Miller's Tale.

In your answer you should pay particular attention;

- Vocabulary and style

- Form

- Any other features of language you consider to be important

John the Carpenter is a character who Chaucer uses to make an example
of someone who is extremely gullible. To some extent, the nature of
which he is gullible can often be unbelievable because some of the
things he does are of a farcical nature;

"Y-geten us thise kneeding-tubbes three,

Than shaltou hang hem in the roof full hye"

The Carpenter is a central character in the plot because he is the
person who the majority of the 'jokes' and farces are based upon. The
fact that he has such a gullible nature means that he is easily
tricked into believing anything of an absurd nature, this usually
being from Nicholas. Also, as the tale develops, we actually see it
becoming even more stupid. These farcical situations all create to the
main theme of the tale which s the mocking of the Fabliaux and
Courtley Love.

John is presented to the reader as a character who is extremely
jealous and possessive of his wife. Then when John's gullibility leads
him to believe Nicholas pronouncement that a second flood is coming,
John foolishly accepts and believes what he is saying, giving Nicholas
the opportunity to sleep with John's wife. Chaucer therefore presents
John as getting what he deserved due to his jealous nature. However,
Chaucer gives an equal balance to John's character; some character
traits allow to him be rather dim and gullible, but also at the same
time he shows a kind and caring nature. This is shown, when after
finding out about the flood, his main concern is f...

... middle of paper ...

...eing the least
important, and Alison as predominantly having the rule over both the
other two men. However, Chaucer presents the carpenter as being the
opposite of how a stereotypical man is. Usually, it would be the man
who powers of the woman, yet in the tale we see a reverse in roles,
thus showing the carpenter as being weak and unable to defend himself
against the strong nature of his wife.

Once again, the whole image of the carpenter being gullible and his
wife having 'the upper-hand', adds to the farce which the whole tale
is, and contributes to mocking the theme of Courtley Love and the
Fabliaux. The Miller is merely presented in the way he is, so that a
light-hearted, humouress tone can be added to the tale. The acts of
foolish carpenter make unlikely situations occur which are simply
laughable at; creating an entertaining tone for the audience.

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