Love in Valentine and The Flea Essay

Love in Valentine and The Flea Essay

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Love in Valentine and The Flea

Through a close analysis of language, structure and theme, compare and
contrast the poets' attitude to love in Valentine and The Flea.

The poem "The Flea" is about a man trying to cunningly argue a woman
into bed. John Donne's "The Flea" was a metaphysical poem, written
most probably, to entertain an audience of men; this was called a
coterie, which was a group of like-minded individuals who cleverly
wrote for each other's amusement. This poem was written sometime in
the 17th century where religion was extremely important and sex before
marriage frowned upon. The poet is exploring ideas and feelings about
lust and how unimportant losing virginity is, which a woman will
obviously object to.

The poem is written in three stanzas, which show the progression of
his argument. The regular rhythm and rhyme implies the confidence he
has that he will get the woman into bed for his pleasure and the
strength in his argument. In each stanza there are three rhyming
couplets and a rhyming triplet. This might represent how the flea, the
unseen woman and himself are united as one inside the body of the
flea. Although, there are a few exceptions, the few half rhymes in
each stanza may show his conscience of being gentle and not pushing
her too much.

The poem has nine lines in each stanza; nine is a multiple of three,
which is the number that this poem seems to circle around. This,
again, suggests the unity of the two people's blood in the flea. It
could also suggest the woman, himself and a baby. This could be
implied through the phrase "pamper'd swells". This could be the woman
becoming pregnant from making love. This might be a more sensitive
side to the poem.

The title "The Fle...

... middle of paper ...

... and made me
wonder why she had chosen an onion to represent her affection felt for
her partner. I think the poet felt strongly about how people should
express their feelings to those you care about instead of following
the crowd and sending pointless cards. I would like to read more of
her poems.

John Donne's poem "The Flea" makes me feel quite angry because he has
portrayed how some men think that women are objects; only for their
own pleasure and that virginity is insignificant and unimportant. But
it did also make me laugh because of how melodramatic he was and how
desperate he was to persuade her that he used a flea as an example. I
think it was a very clever poem and would have certainly entertained
the audience it was aimed at. He was a very intelligent man and I
would expect that many of his other poems would be just as witty and

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