Essay about In the two poems, follower and Digging Seamus Heaney paints vivid,

Essay about In the two poems, follower and Digging Seamus Heaney paints vivid,

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In the two poems, follower and Digging Seamus Heaney paints vivid,
sensuous descriptions of his childhood memories of rural, Irish life.
His language is often onomatopoeic as he describes the

Comparing the poems the Follower and Digging

In the two poems, follower and Digging Seamus Heaney paints vivid,
sensuous descriptions of his childhood memories of rural, Irish life.
His language is often onomatopoeic as he describes the “The Horses
strained at his clicking tongue” from the Follower and “the squelch
and slap of soggy peat” In the poem Digging. In this essay I will be
comparing the two poems Follower and Digging, which are both written
by Seamus Heaney, hopefully this will reveal certain styles of writing
the poet uses, and how they are both related to one another.

Seamus Heaney’s relationship to his family and the rural world in
which he was born are exposed in both poems. In the poem Digging he
memorialises the cycles of manual labour on his family's farm –
“digging up potatoes” and “cutting turf on the bog”. At some point
this seems hardly the material that might engage a poet, but in
celebrating the family he has and the manual labour, he is drawing
attention to the significance of ordinary people on the land as well
as attempting to find his place in the world and the very nature of
this relationship to that world. In Follower also Seamus Heaney
represents manual labour of the plough – “the horses strained at his
clicking tongue” “The sod rolled over without braking.” And “his
shoulders globed like a full sail strung.” I like this quote as the
shoulders represent upper body strength for motion to occur, the sail
of a boat is more of where the strength occurs to move the boat. As
stated be...

... middle of paper ...

...w strength and enabled him to continue dealing with the humiliating
experiences related in Follower. Seamus Heaney has begun to achieve
the distance, the needed perspective to his childhood experiences. He
brings himself into the poem and leaves out no mortifying details. He
is the complete opposite of his father. The three last verses begin "I
stumbled", "I wanted" and "I was a nuisance". It is by accepting and
admitting his shortcomings that he confronts his father again.

Follower is an important part of Seamus Heaney`s process of coming to
terms with his childhood and in it he has come close to a solution:
through the distance violently achieved in Digging Seamus Heaney has
obtained the perspective essential to establish a proper and healthy
relationship to his childhood. Aggravation and resentment are gone and
have been replaced by growing composure.

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