I have chosen to study the poems Uphill and Remember. Uphill is Essays

I have chosen to study the poems Uphill and Remember. Uphill is Essays

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I have chosen to study the poems Uphill and Remember. Uphill is
based on the theme of afterlife. Rossetti was always known to have a
strong belief in the afterlife,

I have chosen to study the poems 'Uphill' and 'Remember'. Uphill is
based on the theme of afterlife. Rossetti was always known to have a
strong belief in the afterlife, and symbolises this in 'Uphill'. The
poem itself is written in a unique style. A style which I feel
interacts the poet and the reader. The poem is an exchange of
questions and answers that compares life to a journey. The journey is
"Uphill all the way ".However at the end is an inn, a resting place
that cannot be missed and which has a room for everyone! The poem is
typical of Rossetti's religious beliefs; being part of an
Anglo-Italian family which had strong religious convictions.

Christina Rossetti's portrayed image of life being recognised as a
painful task: "it's uphill all the way". Consequently it is the duty
of mankind to undertake the trip in hopes of a peaceful rest in heaven
as a reward, a reward for all obstacles that obstruct you in life. All
the pain and suffering are to be expected, not resisted. One benefits
from them in the end.

I have noticed that particular words such as "road", "the days
journey" have the same symbolic meaning in my opinion. As well as
links between words like "resting place", "inn", "that door" and
"beds" all interpret the same thing; death will come for all. Rich or
Poor. From my previous statements I will say again that the poems
perception; end of life, could well be saying that it is the end of
all our work and problems that evolve or evolved around us.

"Remember" is seemingly similar to uphill, but I think it illustrates
a c...

... middle of paper ...

...because she would rather know that he is
happy than that he is, in a sense, dead while alive. We should all
apply this message to our lives because it is truly the best way to
deal with the death of one we love in my opinion.

From comparing these two poems they both signify interpretations of
her life but "Uphill" sounds like it is her own beliefs and ambiguous
thoughts on what life beholds for everyone. Although she states that
there are "beds" and "doors" free for opportunity. However she doesn't
deliver us a true meaning which suggests everyone has a "door" at the
end of life. Only for "those who come". From this point of view, the
end of life is not seen as sending the believer to heaven and the
unbeliever to hell. All it simply portrays is that it is the end of
life's problems. Now this clearly reflects Rossetti's life, so on an
overall I do agree.

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