Essay on How Poetry of the First World War Changed

Essay on How Poetry of the First World War Changed

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How Poetry of the First World War Changed

The First World War broke out on the 4th of august 1914. It was the
first major war near bye Europe for hundreds of years. It sparked
fantasies of becoming a war hero in young boys' and men's minds and
because the government had assured everyone that the war would be over
by Christmas, those young boys and men decided to join up in an
attempt not to miss the excitement of war. Little did they know that
they were being led to an untimely death at the hands of Germany!
Poets were also just as patriotic as the men going to fight. Because
of this patriotism the poets wrote about how glamorous the war was and
how good it felt to die for ones country. This was all in an attempt
along with many others such as propaganda to keep the number of men
high enough to replace those who were lost. These men did see action
but they were all mainly middle class people and the youngsters
amongst them joined up together, full of patritisom and the desire to
fight. But, before the front, they had to be trained. Because of this
they did not see the true horrors of war and carried on writing
patriotic poems. Fortunately for men still joining the war some poets
such as Wilfred Owen did see the horrors of war and wrote very
unpatriotic poems such as Dulcet ET Decorum Est., which was one of his
most famous poems. And one of my own favourite ones.

"Who's for the game" is the first war poem; this is recruitment poem
written to encourage young men to fight for king and country. Jessie
Pope wrote the poem in 1914 for the Daily Mail newspaper. Pope was
rather accomplished and well to do with no experience of the war, she
wanted to convey to people that war is a game and that it will be ove...

... middle of paper ... relatives just
maybe friends' because the family will be at home worrying and
waiting. But your friends will be there, as they'll probably be lying
there with you in the trench or shell hole. Owen is saying that
everyone deserves a funeral especially all these war heroes that have
given up their life. There is no dignity here even in death.

In the long and tedious four years that the Great War lasted,
1914-1918, the world saw some very extreme poetry. There were three
main aspects of poetry; recruitment poems for example Jessie Popes
who's for the game and some very heroic poetry such as brooks 'peace'
and along with reality poems, such as exposure and disabled by Wilfred
Owen. The Great War affected many people's families and lives, and to
me this seems that all the Great War poets found this to convey their
feelings and emotions to the world.

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