Compare the presentation of the Duke and Porphyria's lover in My Last Essay examples

Compare the presentation of the Duke and Porphyria's lover in My Last Essay examples

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Compare the presentation of the Duke and Porphyria's lover in My Last
Duchess and Porphyria's lover

Browning has presented The Duke and Porphyria's lover as obsessive and
controlling in the two poems. Telling the stories from the characters
point of view makes it clear that they both feel threatened by their
partners, and wish to regain the lead role they should have as the men
in their relationships. Rather than confronting their significant
others, they kill them because of their obsessive nature and lack of
communication. The Duke on one hand feels that he can only possess the
Duchess in a painting because he can control who looks upon her, where
as Porphyria's lover wants to capture Porphyria when he finally feels
in control.

The characters of both the Duke and Porphyria's lover are noticeable
through the relationships they have with their partners. It is clear
that they both have very similar intents, although for different
reasons. They are portrayed as jealous and untrusting of their
partners because of obvious insecurities they have in their
relationships. The Duke suspected that The Duchess was having an
affair with "Fra Pandalf":

" 't'was not/Her husband's presence only, called
that spot of joy into the Duchess' cheek' "

This implies that the Duchess blushed for others and therefore was
adulterous. He also suggests his wife gave sexual favours in return to
politeness when he says; "She thanked men - good!". Instead of being
concerned about losing her he was only worried that she would make a
fool of him and hurt his pride, as their relationship was not based on
love or passion but was merely a way for the Duke to show off. The
Duke only saw his wife as and object and not as a person a...

... middle of paper ...

...shows he has little in his life
accept Porphyria. The Duke has many objects and pieces his art,
showing his love for things not people. It also reminds us of the
Renaissance setting and shows that his is wealthy.

Comparing the two poems shows that Browning has a very pessimistic
view of relationships. It seems he feels that relationships without
love and admiration can never work and will end in disaster as is
apparent from "My Last Duchess". Ironically he also feels that a
relationship with love cannot be sustained either, which is evident
from "Porphyria's Lover". In "My Last Duchess" she dies because she
did not give the Duke the admiration he desired, but when in
"Porphyria's lover" Porphyria made her love for her lover clear, he
kills her anyway. This perhaps shows the aggressive nature of men and
how at the time they were very dominant in society.

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