Love Over the Centuries in Writing Essay

Love Over the Centuries in Writing Essay

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Love Over the Centuries in Writing

Compare the different ways and forms in which poets have written about
love over the centuries?

Love is a universal theme throughout literature from past to modern
day. Love has evolved over the centuries, in the way people feel it
and show it and so has the way poets have written about love. Over
centuries history has changed the values of love and what it is from
the French Revolution to the First World War. Always love is an
important theme in society therefore in literature. Creating poems
of the time to reflect the period when it was written.

In the 17th century, poets portrayed love to be sexual and the women
would not be sexually active until marriage, because the 17th century
was a time of strict religion. Men would idealise their love for a
women but women would want be virgins and this is portrayed in the
poem ‘To His Coy Mistress’. This love is called courtly love and was
very traditional in the 17th century. In the first stanza Andrew
Marvell describes the love in the poem in first person. This makes
the poem personal and is important to show how intimate the love is
with using the second person pronoun "we" can illustrate connection or
bond between him and her, this can express that a woman is not just a
sexual object but a partner in life. The whole poem is a speech to
get the women into bed. Andrew Marvell uses biblical references to
illustrate to how love to his mistress goes on for eternity. Andrew
Marvell describes by using the mention of the Jews in the poem. The
religious aspect to the poem is a way to show love in 17th century.
The love is over exaggerated in the first stanza, and the reader in
the 21st century would find this humorous but in ...

... middle of paper ...

convey how love feels and have individualised poems, and how love can
be expressed.

In conclusion to this essay, poems have evolved with how society has
changed the poems I have analysed can show this themselves. These
poems show society as it was when they were wrote however some of the
poems can relate to the modern day society in which we live in today.
Love poems from centuries ago can relate to people now, the reason for
this is that love is an emotion that will never die and it is felt by
everyone. The poem ‘First Love’ can be read by anyone today and
people can relate to their own first love; love can also be rejected
by anyone. Females are still being victims of prejudice even though
as a society we are against sexism, this is a reason why ‘A Women to
her Lover’ can be related to by any women today wanting to be an equal
in life and love.

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