Compare and contrast the poems The Tyger and The Donkey and Essay

Compare and contrast the poems The Tyger and The Donkey and Essay

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Compare and contrast the poems The Tyger and The Donkey and
discuss which poet gives us the clearest depiction of humanity.

William Blake is a wealthy, upper-class writer who separates himself
from the rest of the wealthy community. Blake has a hate for the
techniques used by many of the wealthy, company owners who gain and
capitalise through cheap and expendable labour, supplied by the
ever-growing poverty in the country. Blake makes a point to try and
reveal this industrial savagery through his work. "The Tyger" is
presented as a metaphorical approach to the struggle between the rich
and the poor; good and evil. The several references to good and evil
reinforce this idea and meaning.

"The Tyger" holds one great metaphorical element, which is, what
created the tiger? Good or evil? It raises many theories for the
tiger's existence but the main point is to show that there is good and
evil in everyone and everything. Blake shows us how something so
beautiful can really be both beautiful but still retain a certain
ferocity and savagery. Such as the wealthy factory owners of the 18th
century, they offered a well-paid job and good employment benefits,
but that was all just a façade. The truth was cramped and dangerous
working conditions, low pay and long hours; yet the people continued
to labour in these factories at their own expense, while the wealthy
owner sat back and watched workers toil and cash flow. The metaphor
for this is like temptation, desperation and greed can lead people to
be fooled, though true these people weren't greedy yet they were
desperate for money to survive, although they could not judge
correctly for themselves and became entrapped in the businessman's
deception. Just like "The T...

... middle of paper ...

...tent, the final stanza sums up everything within the poem, after
all the questions it comes to a conclusion in the form of a final

"What immortal hand or eye dare frame thy fearful symmetry?"

"The Donkey" has a unique rhythm, one that also relates to the animal
being referred to. The rhyme pattern imitates the donkeys walk,
1-2-1-2, this concept isn't easily recognised, but to notice it, shows
the depth of the poem. Chesterton either included this simply by
chance or meant to do it, which shows a strong backbone to his

Both poems are similar in many respects and both writers share common
ideas, the use of animals to portray ideas and the views they have
about human kind. Both "The Tyger" and "The Donkey" show elements of
each other, and this is reflected in the writer, two great minds, with
great mindsets on life and human kind.

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