Essay Illegal Immigration - Illegal Immigrants Should NOT be Denied Benefits

Essay Illegal Immigration - Illegal Immigrants Should NOT be Denied Benefits

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Illegal Immigrants Should not be Denied Benefits

        On her way to work, a nurse is assaulted while racial slurs are yelled at her. The same route that she has taken to work for the last ten years without a problem, now leads her to violence (Hornblower36). Instances of discrimination and racism such as this one, have increased since the passing of Proposition 187 in California. For years, the border states of this nation have faced a steady increase in the costs they are forced to pay for providing benefits to illegal immigrants. California alone is home to over half of the nation's illegal immigrants. This has cost the state close to $2 billion every year in education and $400 million in emergency medical services (DeGeorge34). The extreme burden this placed on the state and local governments is what led to Proposition 187. It is obvious that some sort of action must be taken to control the problem of illegal immigrants. However, creating initiatives such as Proposition 187 that deny all state-funded benefits to illegal immigrants, save emergency medical services, may not be the answer. The state-funded benefits that illegals have been receiving should not be denied because it does more harm than good. What this plan of action does has a negative effect on the medical community, punishes the helpless children, and spurs discrimination.

Although the states and local governments that deal heavily with illegal immigrants have a huge economic burden, it could be alleviated without the use of a proposition such as this one. This burden is on the states and local governments because of federal policies. The federal government could take some responsibility for this national problem and grant more funding to the s...

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...nswer. The illegal immigrants should not be denied the benefits Proposition 187 does because it does more harm than good. There are other solutions that do not threaten the public health, punish children, or spur discrimination.


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