Term Limitations: Restoring Trust in Congress Essay

Term Limitations: Restoring Trust in Congress Essay

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   The United States Congress is the most powerful legislative body in the world. The capitol dome should bring pride to every American as a symbol of the just and efficient system of government we have devised for ourselves. Congress however has fallen from grace. Scandal, egotism and horrific management of the nation's resources have obliterated the trust Americans once had for those they elected. The Congress must now make huge and positive steps toward healing the rift they have created. I feel the first step should be a Constitutional amendment limiting the number of terms a member of Congress may serve.


The idea of term limits in America was first discussed during the framing of the constitution as one of the fifteen resolutions in the Virginia plan. It was in this debate that George Mason from Virginia stated "Elected representatives should be subject to periodical rotation. For nothing so strongly impels a man to regard the interest of his constituents as the certainty of returning to the general masses of the people from whence he was taken and where he must participate in their burdens" ( quoted by Christensen). Mason's argument for term limits was compelling at the time. However term limits were considered a matter of "detail" and not suitable for inclusion in the fundamental law of the country. The rejection of term limits was correct at the time of the framing because it was a limitation on the freedom of Americans, and no excision of freedom should be taken lightly, no matter how small. However, the founders never envisioned the evolution of the political careerist or the destruction such an animal could afflict on the republic. Term limits are clearly a necessary reform for the restoration of the United...

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...m limits will understand they do not represent the true feelings of the people, but only their own selfish careerist motives.


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