Essay on The Multiple Meanings of The Sick Rose and The Eagle

Essay on The Multiple Meanings of The Sick Rose and The Eagle

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The Multiple Meanings of The Sick Rose and The Eagle

After studying the two poems, The Sick Rose and The Eagle in class and
the discussion among the group, it seems to me that the poems haven’t
got only one single meaning. I also noticed that poems could always be
interpreted in different ways with different meanings based on your
point of view and your personal knowledge and experience. Poems are
also open to interpretations.

The Sick Rose is a very decent example of which the poems can be
interpreted in different ways. The word “rose” first came into sight
in the title, which indicates this word play a chief part in the
interpretation of the poem. “Rose” can be a person, as this is a very
widespread name for girls in the 20th century. If this is applied to
the poem, then it may be about a woman being sick and dying because of
sexually transmitted diseases. This has a high possibility as the
medical technology then was not as developed as nowadays and the woman
might be dying by the time she found out that she was seriously ill.
The ‘invisible worm’ could be sperm, as you can’t possibly see sperm.
For the two lines of the poem, ‘And his dark secret love, does thy
life destroy’ gave me the clue that the sperm was infectious, which
killed that beloved woman.

The poem, as mentioned earlier, hasn’t got only one meaning. “Rose”
can also be translated into a kind of flower, with large, scarlet
layers of petals, which hide the stigma of the flower. In this case,
the superficial meaning of the poem becomes very understandable. It
is about a flower dying as the worm is eating the flower, as common as
any other wild plants. ‘Thy bed of crimson joy’ indicated the center
part of the flower, and there is wh...

... middle of paper ...

...lly, the ‘eagle’ might be an evil ruler, as
described in the first two lines in the poem. He was so proud before
his sudden collapse, as stated in the last two lines. The poet had a
habit of writing about big political events. In this case the poet
might be talking about the French Revolution, as it was one of the
biggest shame in French history. If one is not clear about the
background of the event, interpretations may vary. Therefore knowledge
is also a critical point when it comes to interpreting a poem.

As a conclusion, there are some similar points about these two poems.
Both of them are not directly explained due to different reasons and
they are both expressed through personification. The poets used
convincing and emotive words to convey ideas. In general,
interpretations vary according to different people; it depends on the
way you look at it.

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