Essay about Comparison of Remember and Sonnet

Essay about Comparison of Remember and Sonnet

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Comparison of Remember and Sonnet

Many parallels can be drawn between 'Remember' by Christina Rossetti
and 'Sonnet' by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, however at the same time
there are distinct contrasts apparent.

The title 'Sonnet' -or often commonly known as 'How do I love thee'-
obviously introduces the piece in sonnet form. A sonnet is a
fourteen-line poem in iambic pentameter with a carefully patterned
rhyme scheme. The Italian or Petrarchan sonnet, named after Francesco
Petrarch, an Italian poet from the thirteenth century was introduced
into English poetry in the early sixteenth century and has been widely
used ever since. Its fourteen lines break into an octet and a sestet,
differing from the convention of the English Shakespearean sonnet,
developed in the early sixteenth century by Henry Howard that consists
of three quatrains and a rhyming couplet to conclude. Traditionally,
both types of sonnet were usually written by men addressing their
lovers in order to express deep emotion or appreciation through
poetry. However, often they were used to persuade or construct an
argument. Here, both poems share in that they are both written in
Petrachan sonnet form. 'Remember' is a Petrachan sonnet except for the
last two lines as it conventionally has an octet to begin, followed by
a sestet. It has a Volta expressing a change of thought at the
beginning of the sestet 'Yet if you should..', which is often the case
in Petrachan sonnets allowing the writer to project and develop a
subject in the first eight lines and then to release the tension that
is built up by executing this form of turn within the poem. The piece
remains loyal to convention as the writer puts forth some form of
argument as she describes...

... middle of paper ...

...ce. I can sense the fervour in
which the poem has been written alongside great sincerity and passion.
I love the way in which simple words echo when the piece is read aloud
and the 'passion' of line nine shines rapturously throughout. The many
forms of imagery within the poem bring it to life, demonstrating what
emotional poetry really means. The conventional Petrachan sonnet form
in which it is written has full potential power to create an intense
outburst of emotion. Here, the reader is captured completely by the
effortless beauty formed by the love described within the poem.

'Remember' and 'Sonnet' both appear from the outside to be similar in
structure, theme and texture however the depths discovered when the
reader takes a closer look reveal strong differences that clearly
distinguish Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem from Christina's

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