A Comparison Between Death of a Naturalist and Digging Essay examples

A Comparison Between Death of a Naturalist and Digging Essay examples

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A Comparison Between Death of a Naturalist and Digging

For GCSE course work we have to compare two poems from a foreign
culture. The two poems we picked were both by the popular Irish poem
‘Seamus Heaney.’ The two poems we’re looking at ‘Death of a
Naturalist’ and ‘Digging’ could be seen as autobiographical. ‘Death of
a Naturalist’ is basically about a young boy who had a keenness for
nature, which has disintegrated throughout a summer. ‘Digging’ is
about the poet remembering his childhood, he writes about about
digging as though it is patriotic of his family. He talks about fore
fathers and how he will continue this tradition, not by digging on a
farm but with his pen, writing.

Although with seemingly different storylines, the poems actually start
off quite similarly; with both poems taking you back you a specific
time in the poets’ childhood. In ‘Digging’ the poet is remembering
other people in his life, like his grandfather and father but with
‘Death of a Naturalist’ his memories are all introspective. In both
poems the original plot is elaborated upon with ‘Death of a
Naturalist’ taking a negative line and ‘Digging’ turning positive.

In ‘Death of a Naturalist’ the poem is split into two stanzas; this
separates the poets’ opinion in two, full of enthusiasm in one

‘I would fill jam pots full of……’

To the lack of enthusiasm in the second

‘I sickened, turned, and ran’

‘Digging’ is split into many stanza’s of seemingly almost random
length, nut when you look closer you see that they get longer when the
poem read to better things, for example the poet get most enthusiastic
when he remembers his grandfather this is reflected in the fact that
this stanza is by far the longest at eight lines.

... middle of paper ...

...athered there for vengeance’

There are examples of onomatopoeia in both poems although it isn’t
used at length in either. I noticed ‘slap’ is used in both poems, both
in descriptions of mud or dirt sentences, showing the link in the
poets’ language.

Overall I enjoyed both poems though I did prefer ‘Digging’ as I like
the way the poet flicked back and forth through time. I could also
visualise this poem more, like a film, which I liked. I also like the
cast use of alliteration which made the poem kind of roll off your
tongue. There is also a really good use of onomatopoeia in the poem in
the second stanza.

‘Under my window a clean rasping sound’

This sentence really draws you into the poem and you can almost hear
the rasping as the shovel sinks into the ground. To sum up, all of
these factors and more are the reason as to why I prefer ‘Digging’

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