The Relationship of Torvald and Nora Essay

The Relationship of Torvald and Nora Essay

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The Relationship of Torvald and Nora

At the beginning of the play, Nora and Helmer seem to have a happy
marriage, although it is quite a childish relationship as Helmer often
uses diminutive language and names such as ‘songbird’ or ‘squirrel to
talk to Nora. However, by the end of the play Nora seems to have
changed. The way Nora speaks changes from being a young girl to being
like a woman. Finally, she leaves Torvald.

At the start of the play Nora speaks in a very childish manner. You
notice this when she says things such as ‘heaps’ and ‘the great blue
sky’. This shows that she is mentally naive. She says these things as
a child would say them. For example, the lines that she speaks have a
lot of exclamation points and as Nora says some things she jumps up
and down or claps her hands, this shows the childish way she acts.

Torvald speaks to her in very over-romantic language and it seems as
though maybe it isn’t real and their love is just part of a game. It
is so romantic it seems as though he is trying to convince himself
that he loves her. He says things such as ‘squirrel’, ‘lark’ or
‘songbird’. Songbirds are kept in cages so this may have something to
do with Nora’s situation as Torvald controls the way she thinks and so
she is caged in his world.

Torvald also acts very paternally towards Nora and patronises her.
Helmer uses the word ‘little’ a lot when he speaks to Nora. He calls
her his ‘little Nora’ or ‘little creature’ which shows that their
relationship seems to be more paternal than marital. Helmer treats
Nora like a daughter. This is really noticeable when he does things
like kissing her on the forehead or putting his arm around her. Helmer
and Nora play a game and Nora manipulates Hel...

... middle of paper ...

...lived by
performing tricks for you, Torvald.’ She also says that Torvald had
her as his ‘doll-wife’ and that Torvald played with her as the
children played with their dolls.

When she announces that she is going to leave him Torvald reacts at
first by trying to forbid her from leaving ‘I shall not allow it! I
forbid it!’ and since this doesn’t work Helmer tries to use religion
as an argument so that she doesn’t leave. Also, he suggests that
society will look on her badly, and then he pleads with her not to
leave and says that he’ll change for her. However, Nora had her set
view even though Helmer tried to use strength, religion and his sweet
charm to keep her at home.

In the end Nora leaves. She slams the door as she goes which shows a
symbolic cut between her former life and the life that she is about to
lead. She has finally left her Dolls house.

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