Essay on P'tang Yang Kipperbang by Jack Rosenthal

Essay on P'tang Yang Kipperbang by Jack Rosenthal

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"P'tang Yang Kipperbang" by Jack Rosenthal
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Alan is a 14 year old adolescent. He is a typical teenager,
exceedingly self-conscious, has strong sexual interests and desires
and thinks he is ugly and fat, so starves himself.

Alan is the ultimate anti-hero. A traditional hero is loved and envied
by all, is good at what he does, very popular, superhuman in terms of
status and good looks, who saves and helps the needy, a person who
people look up to.

Furthermore, Alan is ugly, forgotten by all, a no-one, the most
ostracized person in the school. People feel sorry for him and pity
him, he's continuously late to school, as he misses the bus and has to
run to school (scenes 4-5), lazy, unsystematic and neglectful (scene
3), weak, gauche, socially and physically clumsy. He can only share
his personal thoughts about girls and Ann in particular to God, who he
asks every morning, "Just one kiss. One'll do." (Scene 2)

Additionally, he is an idealist, a daydreamer, always talking to Tommy
about world issues, the United Nations (scene 14) and winning world
peace. He is obsessed with Ann, especially her lips, and kissing her,
but not doing 'the other things' to her. He is also very passionate
about cricket; that is his life; playing and dreaming about it in
every day situations. He has very strong sexual desires, but as his
friends talk openly about it (Shaz and Abbo), he just can't bring
himself to talk about 'the other things'.

Shaz: "Some do. Some charge eight bob. The blondes."

Abbo: "For the lot?"

Shaz: "The whole hog. Everything. Completely bare. They won't kiss,
though. That's an unwritten rule."

Alan: "They won't kiss?" (Scene 31)

Alan: " which means that, from now on,...

... middle of paper ...

...mature, and the workmen are saying
that life's hard, and you just keep on moving from one difficulty to
another. They reflect upon his moods, and make comments, some of which
I think are meaningless.

One of the workmen's opening comments talks about the Bomb. What has
the Bomb got to do with Alan's behaviour? The answer is nothing. It is
used to just add humour to the play.

Workman 1: "Millions of pounds on education."

Workman 2: "It'll be with him living under the shadow of the Bomb, I
expect." (Scene 4)

The addition of the cricket commentary and workmen is for the main
purposes for the audience, as it is a play. Also, to provide humour,
set the theme of the play, adolescence, and to comment on the moral
issues of the play.

I think the addition of the cricket commentary and workmen provides
more life into the play and a little humour as well.

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