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Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde himself would probably admit that his life had many
incredible events that themselves would make an exceedingly gripping
play, his unequalled rise to become the chief celebratory of his day
and his dramatic fall from grace due to his arch rival, lord

Oscar Wilde was born among the highest social circles of Dublin
Ireland to two very unique and individual parents. His father was
widely regarded as the best eye and ear surgeon in the whole of Great
Britain and is still today looked upon as the founder of that specific
medical branch. His mother, a self-proclaimed genius, was a committed
feminist and a key member and open supporter of The Irish independence
movement. This unusual couple formed a cornerstone of Irish society
who mixed with royalty somewhat. Straight away from even my limited
reading we can tell that Wilde wrote within parameters that he felt
comfortable and knowledgeable within.

Wilde was placed within the most stimulating enviroment from the
earliest age. His mother held weekly gatherings of some of Dublin's
finest artists and intellectuals within her house. Wilde was
critically lucky enough to be thrust into this environment by his keen
parents who would make sure that he was present for such occasions. At
such a young age he had the confidence, intelligence and wit to keep
the family's guests amused with short stories and conversation. The
confidence that stood him in good light for so much of his life would
eventually manifest itself as cockiness and would become his undoing,
but there was no sign of this yet.

Oscar was overprotected throughout his childhood by his mother who was
a constant worrier. Although, as Wilde recalled, poverty surround...

... middle of paper ...
this search Wilde began liable proceedings that he was advised he
would defiantly lose. Why Wilde took these actions is open to debate
but I personally believe that he believed that the same cockiness and
comic wit that he used in his plays so successfully could be harnessed
to fight against the impressive authority of the British judicial
system. Wilde crumpled after a spectacular defeat. Following the
disaster he spent three years in prison

When Wilde left prison he was denied the right to see Constance his
wife (which he didn't mind) and his children (which he did). He fled
to Paris in France to live out his life. A short romantic reunion with
Bosie collapsed after a mere three months and Wilde waited out three
lonely years till death in Paris. Abandoned by his peers he died alone
and arrogance free in a bare, poorly furnished hotel room in Paris.

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