Essay about My Experience With Seeing Miss Saigon

Essay about My Experience With Seeing Miss Saigon

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My Experience With Seeing "Miss Saigon"

On the 26th January I went to the Empire Theatre in Sunderland to
watch a production of Miss Saigon. To be honest, when I first read an
outline of the story, I imagined it to be quite a dull experience.
However, I thoroughly enjoyed this production, and the musical score
was amazing.

A musical I have seen that could be compared to “Miss Saigon” is “Les
Miserables” as they are both set pre, during and post-war and both
have quite a sad story.

The musical Miss Saigon presents us with powerful ideas about culture
and conflict, history and tradition. It sensitively contrasts
individual relationships with national struggles for political
control. It asks us to consider the nature of sacrifice and our
capacity for selfless love.

The story is set in 1975 during the final days leading up to the
American evacuation of Saigon. Miss Saigon is the story of two young
lovers torn apart by the fortunes of destiny and held together by a
burning passion and the fate of a small child. This musical
masterpiece with its soaring melodies and powerful emotions has
captured hearts – and awards – around the world.

The musical score is a mixture of soaring love ballads, heart-warming
melodies, electrifying marches and more. Unforgettable songs such as
“The Heat is On in Saigon,” “Why God Why?” “The Last Night of the
World,” “The American Dream” and most of all “I Would Give My Life for
You” where the child stood rigid throughout looking petrified.

The story begins in 1975, backstage of a bar called Dreamland. The
dancers are getting ready to go on stage. This is where we meet Kim.
She looks lost and does not fit in with the other girls. They go on
stage and sing their songs ...

... middle of paper ...

...Chris sobbing and asking why Kim did it. The set goes dark as Kim

The acting skills of the actors in the production where superb. I
especially enjoyed the scenes that included “The Engineer” because he
was extremely funny and his gestures really pulled off the part. The
woman who played Kim was exceptional, the emotion and feeling she put
into her acting was phenomenal and was very convincing.

I would recommend this show to anyone, although it is not suitable for
a young audience. Your heart would be gripped by the sorrow the
characters are feeling, your senses would be ensnared by the excellent
on stage graphics, set, lighting, and most of all the power put into
each song and the heartfelt lyrics. If you have time and some spare
cash, I would really urge you to make the effort to go and see this
“Madame Butterfly” type theatrical set in Saigon.

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