Is A Doll’s House a suitable title for the play? Essay

Is A Doll’s House a suitable title for the play? Essay

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Is A Doll’s House a suitable title for the play

Is ‘A Doll’s House’ a suitable title for the play? Refer to act one,
and the language of the characters.

Ibsen’s use of language creates a suitable title ‘A Doll’s House’.
This title represents and relates to the whole play. ‘A Doll’s House’
relates to power, it represents a doll being played with and owned.
This doll is controlled; its every move is depicted. The title is
significant to society and entrapment within the house.

Ibsen represents Nora as a doll. Nora therefore reacts in the same way
as a doll, trapped in a house. Helmer has power over Nora and treats
her as a doll, his doll. A doll’s house can look good and perfectly
innocent on the outside, but how about the inside? During this play we
acknowledge the truth underneath the prettiness of ‘A Doll’s House’.

The significance in the title is crucial to understanding the
relationship between Nora and Torvald. Deception is seen right away
with the macaroons. Their dialogue is not that of the one of an equal
couple. Dominance is depicted in this scene and we find that there is
almost a sense that Torvald owns Nora. Her significance was to bear
children and be pretty. Nora accepts this and has thrived under this
‘Doll House’ under the protection of her husband.

During act one; Ibsen creates a happy and normal atmosphere, within a
traditional 19 century nuclear family. Ibsen’s use of language creates
these different characters. For example, during the first act Nora
appears to be money hungry. “One, two…oh thank you Torvald”. All Nora
thinks about is money; she is very childish and manipulative. Like a
doll she does not take into consideration the real aspects of life. A
child plays joyfully w...

... middle of paper ...

...eir roles within the family. Their distinctive
language reflects their character traits; Helmer being head of the
house and Nora being a mother and wife. Ibsen creates the significance
of a ‘doll’s house’ to Nora’s and Helmer’s relationship. Although
Helmer has power, Nora slightly does in a way. She saved her husband’s
life by borrowing money. This shows bravery in Nora, as during the 19th
century it was forbidden for a female to borrow or even work to earn
money. This may be suggesting that she wants to break free from her
‘doll’s’ role, knowing she is destined for so much more.

By reading and looking at act one I can say that ‘A Doll’s House’ is
definitely a suitable title for the play. The title says it all; Nora
is the doll, Torvald’s doll, everything in her little ‘doll’s house’
is perfect, but she has no idea what is going on in the world outside.

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