Analysis of the Crucible, page 41-42. Essay

Analysis of the Crucible, page 41-42. Essay

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Analysis of the Crucible, page 41-42.

The influential feeling throughout this extract, is the one sided
effort to enjoy the time that they are spending over the meal. These
efforts coming from John Proctor. One can gather the reasons for this
cold shoulder shown to John by Elizabeth, is down to the broken trust,
by John when having a love affair with Abigail earlier in the play.
There are many emotions in the extract that show this feeling quite
visibly, that can be explored.

John shows great effort to show a keen interest in the meal provided
by Elizabeth and other aspects of their day-to-day lives. Firstly when
John hears the food is rabbit he quickly jumps in saying, 'Oh is it!
In Jonathans trap.' This is his way to share a common ground, and to
interact in their married life. There is also more evidence of John
trying to make civilized conversation, with a slight humorous slant,
'This farm's a continent when you go foot by foot droppin' seeds in
it.' It's also noticeable that he is looking to impress Elizabeth,
trying to achieve this by showing off the work he had covered that
day. However it is clear that he has failed in his plan to either put
a smile to her face or to impress her in any way as she answers very
blandly to these comments, with short unenthusiastic responses like,
'It must be.'

This idea of Elizabeth's small dry, lifeless manner of speech does not
just relate to the quotation, above but to the whole pattern of her
speech in the extract. This of course being the opposite to John's
efforts, and subtle hints of his humour. Clear evidence of this is
shown when John tries the first time to impress or as he puts it
'please' his wife, 'If the crop is good I'll buy George Jacob's

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...burning desire in all men? In Abigail, he may wish he could delete
this, but his passion was always there. John's appetite for
stimulation can be found in Act 1 page 17. Where John and Abigail are
speaking of the controversy that occurred in the woods; Abigail goes
on to say, 'Oh posh, we were dancin' in the woods,' as she says this,
she is said to be confidently, closing in on John. John's smile
widens, as he replies, 'Ah, you're wicked yet aren't y'!' So it is
clear that he is enjoying this little witty exchange, something that
he doesn't seem to be attaining from Elizabeth.

This links in with the preliminary thought of the one sided effort to
the current relationship, that John is only showing. However from what
has been shown previously, is that Elizabeth would show a keener
interest, but is ensnared in her dissatisfaction and lack of trust in

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