Analysis of Act 3 of A Doll's House Essay

Analysis of Act 3 of A Doll's House Essay

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Analysis of Act 3 of A Doll's House

For most of the play, we see Torvald delighting in Nora’s dependence
upon him but not in his control over her, but as the play progresses
the side of Torvald we see is more pushover than dictator. In the
scene following the party, Torvald’s enjoyment of his control over
Nora takes on a darker tone. He treats her like his possession, like
the young girl he first acquired years ago. Contributing to the
feeling of control that Torvald is exercising over Nora is that the
evening has been of Torvald’s design—he dresses Nora in a costume of
his choosing and coaches her to dance the tarantella in the manner
that he finds “desirable.”

The hollowness of Torvald’s promises to save Nora shows how little he
appreciates her sacrifice. Nora expects compassion from Torvald after
he finds out about her predicament, especially since, after learning
of Dr. Rank’s imminent death, Torvald confesses that he fantasizes
about risking his life to save Nora’s. Once given the opportunity,
however, Torvald shows no intention of sacrificing anything for No...

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