Essay on A View from the Bridge - Setting

Essay on A View from the Bridge - Setting

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A view from the bridge - Setting.

The play "A view from the bridge" is set in the1950's, a tragedy about
the lives of some Italian immigrants, whose paths cross, ending in
death, separation and tragedy. The play is full of important events,
and places, and it is its places we are looking at. Places are used by
the author, Arthur Miller, to symbolize, represent, and portray a
range of views, people, and actions. Certain places, like Italy, are
mentioned lots, but no scenes themselves take place there. None the
less, it is an important place in the play.

Eddie and Beatrice's (Two main characters) appartment though, features
heavily as a place where things take place, mainly conversations not
actions, and is just as important place as Italy. The play is set in
New York, and all the play takes place in "Red Hook", a district
there. Places of importance include Italy (off stage), Red hook (as an
overall district), Eddie's apartment, Alferi's office, and "The

I am looking at two of these places, Red Hook as a district, and
Italy. One is onstage, and one is off, giving it good contrast, and
lots to look at.

Italy is a hidden presence in this play, never seen or shown, but
always referred to. The characters make it clear what it is like, such
as when Eddie says "Still bad there" (referring to Italy) when the two
Italian illegal immigrants, Marco and Rodolfo, first arrive.

Miller carefully integrates Italy as part of the play, so when people
refer to it, it seems normal, and not out of place. He even develops
something of a history for it, with Rodolfo at one point saying "A
thousand years ago, the Danes invaded Sicily." This makes the place
seem more real, and more believable.

Italy is impo...

... middle of paper ...

...killing Eddie. Miller is
making a point on the importance of culture.

If I had to pick one to be the most important, I think Millers point
on immigration was the most important. It is the one Miller pays most
attention to, and is the one that most makes me think. It is a
constant issue, and Miller quietly argues it in his play. He obviously
has strong views on the subject, otherwise he wouldn't have written
about it. He seems to feel sorry for the illegal immigrants, sticking
up for them, and arguing more in their favour than against. Miller
makes lots of important points in this deep, thought provoking play,
and this is the most important of all. If one thing could sum up the
hole play, it would have to be what Rodolfo says, how they risk it all
to find work, and eventually thru it kills a man, and leaves a family
in ruin. "if there is work, anything."

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