The Well by Elizabeth Jolley and Relationship of Hester and Katherine Essay

The Well by Elizabeth Jolley and Relationship of Hester and Katherine Essay

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The Well by Elizabeth Jolley and Relationship of Hester and Katherine

Hester Harper is a lonely, single lady in The Well. It was her
loneliness, lack of love and need for companionship that made her
bring Katherine home. She did not have a life of her own. Katherine
was an unloved child, who had already been rejected by people in her
country until she luckily met with Hester. Katherine formed a close
relationship with Hester, and soon realised that Hester was quite fond
of her. Katherine fulfilled all her requirements, and Hester believed
that it is the beginning of a secure and loving relationship. Hester
spoiled Katherine and made her life incredibly comfortable; she did
not want to ever let go of her.

Katherine was incredibly good at manipulating Hester. She displayed
her care and friendliness on the first day that she was brought home,
“Oh Miss Harper I will. Thank you…she hugged and kissed her.” She was
all open and honest to Hester, it seemed strange that a normal person
would show affection to a stranger, without even forming a close
relationship. Katherine from the first day, had a concealed motive by
knowing that Miss Harper was a well respected and rich lady and for
this reason was already trying to take advantage of her, trying to win
her love so she could be the replacement daughter and inherit Hester’s
assets. There is also the time when Katherine convinced Hester to
invite Joanna to come stay for a week. The suspicion gets even
stronger when we learn about “Katherine’s ability and willingness in
the household” and that “there was nothing Katherine could not copy or
learn.” She seemed to have all the makings of an efficient criminal.
It is very unusual for a young girl to be willing to sta...

... middle of paper ...

it. Nevertheless we never find out who stole the money; however we do
know that Hester is left with nothing. All she ever wanted is for her
and Katherine to be happy.

Hester and Katherine both tried to take advantage of each other.
Hester never wanted to lose Katherine, and had always done what was
best for her. She tried to make Katherine’s life the most comfortable
as she possibly could. She bought all the things that Katherine
insisted upon, and even told Katherine that she could invite her best
friend to stay, even though she did not look so kindly upon. All
Katherine ever wanted was the money to use for her own pleasure, she
wanted to get everything out of Hester, and was very manipulative in
doing so. She had Hester wrapped up in her little finger. Both
Katherine and Hester used each other, but it was really Katherine who
was in the most control.

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