Essay on In Love with and Dependent on Technology

Essay on In Love with and Dependent on Technology

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In Love with Technology

When taking a closer look at really how dependent we, as a general society, are so in love with our technology and in reality how scary it is how much we use this tool to run almost every aspect of our lives. I feel that I could not go out anywhere, even right now, not find some direct correlation of technology influencing my path from A to B. In no sense am I a extremist believing that technology is the devil and will ultimately lead us to our downfall, but I can open my eyes every once and a while and truly see how much of our world is governed by these “great” innovations. I know that it may sound a little hypocritical, I am writing this paper on my new laptop, in a wireless room, and when finished will send it to my instructor in an instant without any personal interaction or sincerity. And for the most part I have no problem with this factor, but the problem for me arises when we place this new friend on a level so high that it can not be touched, and in turn indirectly controls life as we know it.

To imagine what life would be like without my cell...

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