Essay on Censorship in the United States

Essay on Censorship in the United States

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Censorship on Television

Censorship on television in the United States has been an issue ever since the television was invented. The public holds a variety of stances on the topic, and no matter what law is ever passed regarding censorship, it will never suit the needs of everyone. Some believe that censorship violates individual rights in the law, and others believe that censorship should be available through members in the family, not the government. On the other hand, some people strive to maintain government regulation of censorship. Television censorship is significant because it holds the future of our country. If channels continue to be censored, our rights will be violated. If not, then the future generations may change because people are influenced by the explicit behavior that they view on television. America needs to come up with the best solution possible, and until then, this question will still remain: Should the American government censor television?

Before I began doing research and interviewing others on this topic, I brainstormed everything that I knew on censorship. While sitting at my desk, I took out a pen from the drawer and held it close to the piece of paper that I placed on the surface of the desk in front of me. After quietly thinking for about three minutes, I took note of my initial stance and found that I support government regulation. I believe the government should allow for restrictions on television because children are affected the most. Teenagers and adults are mature enough to know what is right from wrong, but children are extremely influenced by what they see on TV. The percentage rates of violence, swearing, nudity, and other aspects that are not suitable for children incre...

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... and the mother and father may not trust a babysitter in regulating what their children watch.

After researching the topic and interviewing my mother, I do not yet know my exact stance on censorship, although I am slightly leaning towards parent censorship, not government. Parent censorship seems a bit more fair than the other stances because it does not violate the law, the children are limited to watching children’s programs, and the more mature audiences still benefit from a decrease in censorship. The topic still remains very difficult to resolve. Each stance contains wonderful points, but also a number of weaknesses. It is extremely difficult for Americans to stick with one stance on television censorship. Nobody wants their rights to be violated, but at the same time, the children, who are most affected by television, are the future of our country.

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