What is the Price for Keeping the American Public Safe from Diet Supplements?

What is the Price for Keeping the American Public Safe from Diet Supplements?

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What is the Price for Keeping the American Public Safe from Diet Supplements?

Being overweight and being in sports is a hard aspect of the game to overcome. Many of the athletes in different sports go through tough training and conditioning. Some athletes are under great pressure to make a certain weight in order to stay on the team. If the players are overweight they might be fined or even benched for the certain events. All of the sports that are out there have a lot of competition for staying on teams. There are the athletes that struggle each week to keep their job from younger stronger players coming in. So it is a question of were they turn to get an extra edge over the other player. Most of the time it is with diet supplements or performance enhancers. Congress needs to be more ethical in providing enough research and funding towards dietary supplements research because the cost is greater than loosing a few pounds or getter a better edge in the game. It comes down to being able to keep the American public safe and keep athletes from dieing. Even though the entire dietary supplement industry is a big corporation the companies can not be just out there to make money, when it can harm people. From being an athlete myself I am deeply concerned with the issue of all the muscle enhancers and what is being done in congress and the FDA.

The entire diet supplement industry is worth $20 billion dollars. Most of the products that are out on the market are available do have benefits towards different features of performance. There are complaints being given in to the congress that the drug companies are being put in hold for distributing their product in the market. If a company comes out with a new product that could save li...

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...and then leaving the person feeling dehydrated and weak.

From looking at all of the effects of all of the diet pills and muscle enhancers it is clear that the congress needs to help the FDA more in order to keep the American public safe. Counterarguments may pose that the industry alone makes more than the FDA budget combined so it is not worth it. Most of the companies claim that their product is helpful to the needs that most of the athletes need. It is more than just giving a person an extra edge or making them loose weight. The effects of these pills and powders are not worth the risk. Even if a product says it is herbal and all natural does not give it the right to not go through the right scientific testing. It is based on all of these reasons and being an athlete myself I want there to be more protection on all of the diet supplements and muscle enhancers.

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