The Issues of Abortion and Gay Marriage Essay

The Issues of Abortion and Gay Marriage Essay

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The Issues of Abortion and Gay Marriage

The issues of abortion and gay marriage rights were issues that were fought over constantly by Liberals and Conservatives in the last elections. Both parties had different ways of looking at these problems, hence they both had different ideas as to how we could solve these problems. The Conservatives tended to take a more traditional stance, whereas the Liberals were set on pursuing the problem with new age solutions.

The issue of gay marriage is a rather new controversy that has only become disputed in the last decade. In a changing world gay marriage is now a huge issue that must be dealt with. The gay community believes that the 14th amendment permits gay marriage, but the law heeds to reflect this. Whereas the anti-same-sex marriage advocates are working to amend the constitution to make same sex marriage illegal. Because of the rising numbers in people who believe strongly on either side of this conflict, this has now become a national issue. Before the recent elections gay marriage was a states issue. Now that Bush is elected, he plans to make gay marriage illegal nationwide, and ban all gay unions.

The other huge issue, which was brought up frequently during the race for the presidential election, was that of abortion. Abortion has always been a very controversial issue between people of different moral and religious beliefs. Because some religions consider abortion as the same thing as murdering a person, and some believe that it is ok because the fetus is not yet born, this issue has been very tough to come to a compromise. Before the most recent election occurred, abortion was a states issue. But now that Bush has been elected abortion will now become ...

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...y as Burke shows when he states, “As the ends of such a partnership (social contract) cannot be obtained in many generations, it becomes a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born”(Reflections on the Revolution in France 150). This quote actually literally points out that the right of life that is included in the social contract apply to everybody including the unborn.

We have now seen the different ideologies towards current issues here in America, broken down by both past and present liberalists and conservatives. Though both sometimes tend to overlap on certain political principles, both philosophies derive from very different backgrounds and ideals. As time progresses, both ideologies will continue to evolve, at different paces mind you, and on different tangents.

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