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Essay on Industialization

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Socioeconomic status, gender, race and lifestyles are the four major sociocultural factors that affect health and illness. Industrialization has affected all four factors in a fashion that has drastically changed the makeup of the whole institution of health care. As a result of these changes in the health care system of the United States, human health in general, has also changed. Some would argue that the industrialization has made leaps in respect to the advancement of technology and modern medicine practice. Yet still others would point out that these advancements do not benefit every one. The author of “Social Problems” discusses the benefits of industrialization on human health, while taking time to highlight the perversion of an institution, such as health care, in the hands of corporate America.

As cities become more populated and industrialized, the first change that takes place is the lifestyle of the society. Lifestyles varying from vegetarianism and abstinence to liberal sex and binge drinking, all play a part in an industrialized nation. Gender has become less stigmatized by societal norms since women joined the work force. As a result, women that work outside of the home, bring about a new function for the health care providers. Moms can no longer nurse and doctor their families back to health in view of the fact that she has to put in long hours at work. Therefore one can see how lifestyles are altered by the impact of industrialization.

While gigantic corporations grow, the need for man labor increases. Many barriers have fallen, allowing women to overcome stagnant positions in society, and increase in power. As a result the book states, “Women appear to be ...

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...about some questions. Questions that have to do with the integrity of the institution that is run, not to benefit the sick, but is run on the basis to make a dollar. This type of conflict hurts those who do not have the money to get heath care from these providers. It also hurts those who can afford it, yet are manipulated by the system. The insurance and hospital scams that are processed in order to gain more of a profit also hurt the credibility and trust in the health care institution. As one discusses the benefits of industrialization on human health, the time should be taken to highlight the perversion of having an institution, such as health care, in the hands of corporate America.

Now that the problems of an industrialized nation are evident, the question at hand is what solutions are available to Americans who want to maintain Physical fitness and health?

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