Essay on Subtle Power of God

Essay on Subtle Power of God

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Subtle Power of God

God as an intangible entity is best understood through his interact with his creation. He gives society a glimpse into his nature through his relationships to his people and his wrath against his enemies. Taking a closer look into relationships he has had with people in the past, it’s clear that part of God’s character is to promise and deliver. God routinely entered into covenants with his people as the Torah shows us promises made then promises fulfilled. One such relationship that displayed this aspect of God’s character was God’s relationship to Joseph; son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham. Joseph came from a long line of “promised men.” The original covenant in this family line was made to Abraham for land and progeny. It was later seen that God fulfilled his covenant with Abraham through his two sons who were dispersed to possess lands outside of Abraham’s space. God continues in the fulfillment of covenant to Abraham through Ishmael and Isaac, and later through Isaac with the arrival of Jacob, then finally and most certainly fulfilled in Joseph’s generation as Jacob had twelve sons. God promised that Abraham’s line would become many nations; in fact the men of Joseph’s generation became the twelve tribes of Israel. But what makes Joseph’s story special were the unlikely circumstances that proceeded Joseph’s ascension to a position of authority in the world ruling Egyptian empire. In this essay I will discuss how the author of Joseph’s story portrays God as a being proving his power to Joseph and Joseph’s brothers.
The first time that God proves his power through the Joseph narrative to Joseph and his brothers begins as Joseph’s brothers plot against him in Genesis 37:18-20 which tell...

... middle of paper ...

...s 13:8 suggests, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today, yes and forever.”

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