US Soldiers and Their Relationship With Society in America After the Vietnam War

US Soldiers and Their Relationship With Society in America After the Vietnam War

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US Soldiers and Their Relationship With Society in America After the Vietnam War

Imagine playing in the NCAA National Championship game in front of 50,000 people and millions of others watching via their televisions at home. After an intensely fought game the final score indicates that a loss was suffered. Hopes and dreams of winning a National Championship are gone and one can only contemplate what could have gone the other way and what may be in store for next season on the journey home. Once arriving to campus the cheers and mass distributions of congrats are heard by those in the surrounding society for the effort and hard work exhibited by the players on the team. Although defeat was endured, positivity still lingered amongst the community.

The story of the losing team in a National Championship game is seen numerous times every year. However, the relationship the society of America displayed with the returning soldiers from the Vietnam War had a negative aura that is still shown over 30 years later. The Vietnam War was filled with controversy from the beginning and it has yet to end today. The Vietnam Veterans in America suffered from social, physical, and psychological problems that only complicated their relationship with society and is portrayed statistically and through examples from soldiers since the day they returned from the battlefield.

The Vietnam War was an extremely controversial war that took the lives of many Americans and resulted in America’s first losing campaign. The U.S. was involved in Vietnam since World War II supporting Ho Chi Minh and his Communist forces against Japanese occupation. After the result of an incident involving two US vessels, President Lynden Johnson ordered jets to bom...

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...amongst the society and the individual soldiers may roam for years to come. Hopefully the next time America is faced with entering war the players come home from the championship game with a win and a remarkable homecoming. Learn more about the Vietnam Veterans and the Vietnam Memorial

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