German Propaganda and its Effects on the Holocaust and World War Two Essay

German Propaganda and its Effects on the Holocaust and World War Two Essay

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German Propaganda and the effects on The Holocaust and WWII

Propaganda in general is the idea of getting others to believe in one’s own beliefs. Propaganda is the “attempt to influence behavior…by affecting through the use of mass media of communications, the manner in which a mass audience perceives and ascribes meaning to the material world.”1 Propaganda was a major part of Germany’s way to brain wash people into following Hitler and his army. The theme of Hitler and Goebbels, (Paul Joseph Goebbels, was appointed Hitler’s Reichspropagandaleiter, the Nazis national director of propaganda), using propaganda, “was to merge the traditional German patriotism with Nazi ideological motifs”2, this was basically used from1919 to 1945. Propaganda was basically to pressure the Germans who were not Jewish to dislike the Jewish people and believe that, “the war was less a struggle among nations than a fight to the finish pitting Aryan against Jew”3.

Propaganda was and is used through many different techniques. There is propaganda through name calling, glittering generalities, and euphemisms which are categorized as word games. Transfer and testimonial are classified as false connections through propaganda. Plain folks and band wagon are special appeals, and bad logic or propaganda and unwarranted extrapolation are considered logical fallicies.

Name calling connects a person or idea to something negative, like words or symbols. The propagandist uses this technique hoping that the audience will reject the person or idea on the basis of the negative symbol, instead of looking at the available evidence4. “Nazi propaganda was particularly found of such hyperbole, where every noun has its conventional epithet”5. Glittering gen...

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...d Goebbel’s propaganda ideas worked for a while in the interests of a few particular groups, but through all the techniques and ways of spreading propaganda, at the end of the war, their propaganda lost its touch, and the German people wound up surrendering.

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