The Automobile and the Economy Essay

The Automobile and the Economy Essay

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The Automobile and the Economy

The effects the automobile has had on the economy of the world are tremendous.
The major effects have came in many ways and include sales of the automobile, jobs
provided to sell and manufacture the automobile, gas/oil sales to run the automobile, and the start of auto racing sport. The revolution of the automobile was the start of the most popular and successful industry in the world.

The Effect of Gas/Oil

There is a great effect on the economy due to the sale of gas. The major effect of
how much gas is sold is how efficient the particular automobile uses gas and what
automobile the people choose to buy. Since the start of production of the automobile fuel efficiency has steadily increased for the most part thanks to better engineers, tires, and laws that force better efficiency.

First, The Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 established C.A.F.E.
(corporate average fuel economy) which was meant to steadily increase fuel efficiency in
passenger cars every year (http// . The only problem
was oil prices softened and the demand for small cars that were the most efficient
diminished. As a result, the N.H.T.S.A (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
was forced to relax the standard of the model years 1986-1989. The standard for
automobiles of today is 27.5 miles per gallon.

In the 1990’s the United States had an increased urgency raise their standards as
they were more dependent on importing oil instead of producing it. Currently, the Clinton Administration is going to great depths to try to increase fuel efficiency. Bill Cliton made a partnership with the domestic industry to develop a new...

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