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Chronology of the Holocaust Essay

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The holocaust was a bleak and unrecoverable part of the history of the twentieth century that will always be remembered. Millions died for no reason except for one man’s madness. Although many people know why this war happened many don’t know when and what events lead up to this: the way Hitler came into power, or when the first concentration camp was established, and what city it was in, why Jews were hated so much by Hitler, and why the rest of the country also hated them as well as, and what the chronology of the Holocaust. These are some of the things I will explain in my paper.

In 1933 Hindenburg was the president of Germany. Having recovered form the First World War, Germany is on the rise once again. Hindenburg appointed Hitler chancellor of the Reich and he begins his propaganda techniques. One of the Nazi persecution techniques was the banning of all Jewish owned business, as well as, The opening of the first concentration camp, Dachau. No Jews were allowed to have jobs of state or country title, and one of the first book burning incidences occur on May 10th (Holocaust background info center). Also in 1933 Jews were deprived of there German citizenship and were considered refugees. By the end of 1933 the Nazi party had been established as the legal unity of the German State. With this established the Nazis were able to get away with basically what ever they wanted. All forms of persecution was thrown upon, not just the Jews, but many many other groups of people unlike those of the Nazi party.

1934 was a pretty uneventful year as far as numbers of important things. Only one really big thing happened in the history of the war that year, but it was an event to change all after it. On August 2 1934...

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By 1944 Germany has occupied most of Europe and is killing the Jews in those Countries to. Many ghettos in Hungary and Vilna are destroyed with the people destroyed in them. On May 14 1944, almost 400,000 Jews are deported toAuschwitz to be killed. Luckily, many of these Jews were saved.

Luckily for everybody, The war was finally over. Hopefully in these years to come there will not be another tragedy like this one. The genocide that occurred in World War II will hopefully never happen again. Hopefully, the war was explained well and thoroughly in this paper


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